IBS Las Vegas 2022: How does it rank versus the various other types of shows we get invited to?

IBS Las Vegas was the first show in more than 2 years for Mane Tame and as such we brought the entire
staff out for an epic weekend of education, product demonstrations and team building! It is quite
interesting to compare the differences between the various types of events we get invited to attend. To
provide a basis of comparison I’ll outline the Pros and Cons of two types of show we get invited to here:
Barber Battles vs. Beauty & Barber Expos.
Barber Battles:
Pros: They are very affordable for exhibitors, usually $400 – $1000 for a 10’x10’ booth space. Since they
are usually held in smaller venues there are no union workers or specific regulations that you must
comply with during setup. These shows provide a nice opportunity to connect with ambitious barbers
looking to compete at a high level.
Cons: Barber Battles are mostly organized by individuals as opposed to organizations and at times if we
are bringing in a large shipment, the logistics of getting our products and booth materials in and out of
the venue can be challenging. While booth space is affordable, that allows smaller non-barber related
brands to attend which can water-down the impact an event can have on its attendees. At various
shows we have been allocated a booth space in close proximity to t-shirt brands, companies selling
insurance and book authors. This can affect the branding by alignment with other exhibitors. Last and
most importantly, barbers attend Barber Battles to compete, support their peers (who are competing)
and/or to drink and network with other professionals. Many times we have purchase the “best” booth
closest to the stage, only to have hundreds of barbers looking at the stage competitions with their back
to us.
Beauty & Barber Expos:
Pros: These type of expos are usually 2-3-day events in larger venues. Events that last longer than a
single-day allow us the opportunity to bring more products and a large booth presence. This increases
the amount of customers we can touch and the impressions that we can have.
Cons: Large venues means higher booth fees, usually $3000 per 10’x10’ (we usually take 4 booths per
show). When setting up our booth, we have to hire union-approved workers to set up our booth
materials (wall, hanging sign, stage, electical, etc.). This can add an extra $3,000 – $10,000 depending on
the level of difficulty installing booth furniture. These types of shows lately have become about selling
booths for the show organizer. So while the show floor will be sold out, and the level of exhibitors
branding is better, the promotion of these events is at the mercy of marketing from each brand. The
organizers do not advertise these shows well to the cosmetology and barber community well. So while,
the brands are doing their own self-promotions, the costs incurred have left many companies, looking at
setting up their own shows.
Keys to success: All things considered, each of these types of events can be beneficial for a company
depending on the life-cycle of their brand. One important element that must be pointed out is that for
any company to be successful, they must be consistent and strategic in their show strategy. Going to a
show only once, can prove detrimental to a brand. Customers must trust that they will see you each
year and if done correctly, brands and show organizers should partner together to ensure adequate
promotions and attendance.

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