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MANE TAME was established to develop superior products, implementing the most refined ingredients available while pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation by designing a lifestyle collection of goods that is constantly challenging the traditional norms of delivering consistently exceptional experiences.


Our Product Philosophy

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MANE TAME is more than another barber brand. As a business, we hold ourselves to an audacious standard of performance that never compromises quality. From our ingredients to our signature fragrances (some of the most beloved in the biz!), you might even say we’re obsessively intentional, which has been the case since day one. That’s because styling men’s hair is an intimate process, where artistry and performance meet. Be it in the barbershop, the salon, or at home, for every reason and occasion, our products are designed to bring out the best version of each individual’s hairstyle, and perform at the highest level, every single time.


Our Mission

Our Mission

MANE TAME’s mission is simple and powerful: Develop superior products, with the most refined ingredients, that push the boundaries of exceptional performance, creativity, and innovation.  We know there’s magic in finding a routine that offers you a moment of luxury. And there’s power in finding products that meet your high standards for performance. More than anything, we understand personal styling is just that: Personal. Whether you’re seeking sleek, or craving more volume; making the shift away from shine, or towards a sleeker, softer beard, MANE TAME was created to help you bring home that fresh-from-salon experience, and unlock that same back-from-the-barber confidence. Bottle to body. Shave to shower and style. Every single time.


Our Story

Our Story

For MANE TAME founder Richard Thomas Lugo, good hair isn’t just his mission, it’s in his DNA. Richard hails from a large, tightly knit Latino family, and a long, multi-generational line of Southern Cali barbers and cosmetologists, all with deep ties to the personal care business. His heritage? It’s at the heart of everything he does. Noting some of his earliest memories are of his grandfather cutting his hair, it’s only fitting that his own roots (pun fully intended) led him to MANE TAME’s creation. To date, Richard has spent his entire professional life immersing himself in all aspects of men’s grooming and hair care, working closely with the top barbers and stylists to identify what men really need in a product, but can’t seem to find. Fueled by a fiery entrepreneurial spirit, and a natural affinity for the industry, Richard created MANE TAME to fill the gaps of a fragmented grooming category, one which often yields little to no consistency from need-to-need and product-to-product. Established in 2016, MANE TAME is the innovative result of passion meeting purpose. And proof that you really can bottle the essence of the man you most want to be.

Our Barber Team

Our Barber Team

Where talent meets technique you’ll find the MANE TAME barber team, a community of elite hair artists who all share a common goal: to provide exceptional experiences, training, and access to the very best products, for all customers, both personal and professional. From fading, trimming and cutting, to the best styling techniques, MANE TAME is a family of experts and educators, all on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. A rare combination of talent and altruism, they’re the embodiment of what it means to do what you love, and love what you, all in the pursuit of bettering those they serve. Classes in salons? They do those. Demos in barbershops? Those, too. And the best part? They’re totally obsessed with all things MANE TAME. Want to see what we mean? Follow @ManeTameGrooming on Instagram to get an inside look at the MANE TAME magic and experience.
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